Precision Hand-Crafted Instruments by Jimmy Edmonds

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Meet Jimmy

Edmonds Guitars are custom built by me in Galax, Va., home of the worlds oldest and largest fiddlers convention held in August. I learned much of my craft from my dad who was one of the most unique builders I had ever seen, always trying to build something different than anyone else. I worked with him to create some great instruments and I use many of his tools and ideas today. I started making fiddles in 2001 and guitars shortly afterwards.


I’m a fan of Martin guitars and base my guitars around them, but do not copy every detail. I still want my guitars to have their own look and go for the old Martin 30′s sound. Each guitar is custom built using any ideas or woods the customer might want. I’m always looking for good wood and supplies to build the best guitar I can. Thanks to all the owners who have one of my guitars, I get much enjoyment seeing or hearing something I made being played.

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